Bridge Demolition

Full service of complete and partial bridge demolition

We specialize in bridge demolition projects where concrete sawing is the safest and best option for removal. We have the necessary equipment and trained personnel to operate everything from concrete saws and drills to large excavators as your all-in-one demolition service company.

We get the job done on time.

Our combined experience of 90+ years enables our ability to adapt and overcome any challenge that may arise, which happens often because each bridge demolition is different in nature. With experience, follows efficiency and speed to deliver results in the shortest work windows.

Removal of all concrete/demolition scrap.

Most, if not all debris resulting from bridge demolition is recyclable. Our approach to each bridge demolition is to recycle/reuse all materials to reduce waste in our landfills.

Safety is key.

Our current EMR of 0.87 speaks for itself. Approach and planning is everything to the successful completion of each project with zero injuries. Our demolition management team develops a hazard analysis/mitigation plan for each project. The plan is shared and reviewed with each member working on the project. We believe when each member is involved in the safety and potential hazards of a project and how to manage them, there is 100% buy-in and each member takes ownership of their responsibility to safety.

map of states Diamond Drilling Co has worked in

We work with contractors across the US

A few of the projects we've completed

DDSC Bridge Demolition Clark St Viaduct

Clark Street Viaduct

Laramie, WY

S&S Builders, LLC

Project Scope:

Demolished 1,660’ Long X 36’ Wide viaduct over 13 UnionPacific Railroad tracks. Methods of removal were sawing and lifting concrete deck and crane removal of structural steel.

Removed and Recycled:
  • 2,700 cubic yards of concrete

  • 600 tons of structural steel

  • 200 tons of reinforcing steel

See the article featured in CSDA’s Concrete Openings Magazine about this project

I-90 Bridges

Bonner, MT

Frontier West, LLC

Project Scope:

Demolished both eastbound and westbound bridges; both 343’ Long X 40’ Wide over Blackfoot River. Methods of removal were sawing and lifting concrete deck, wire sawing and crane removal of center piers, and crane removal of structural steel.

Removed and Recycled:
  • 2,166 cubic yards of concrete

  • 370 tons of structural steel

  • 195 tons of reinforcing steel

DDSC Bridge Demolition I-90 Sheridan Wyoming

I-90 Bridges

Sheridan, WY

Reiman Corp

Project Scope:

Demolished 3 eastbound and 3 westbound bridges varying in length ranging from 180’ to 310’ Long X 46’ Wide over surface streets and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks. Methods of removal were sawing and lifting concrete deck, removal of structural steel with crane, and removal of concrete by pulverization.

Removed and Recycled:
  • 4,100 cubic yards of concrete

  • 315 tons of structural steel

  • 370 tons of reinforcing steel

Watch One of Our Bridge Demolitions in Action

This video is of two bridge removals on Chubbuck Road over northbound and southbound I-15, during back-to-back night shifts. We executed the hour-by-hour schedule to ensure a smooth demolition and successful re-opening of the I-15 freeway on time. For this project we had the honor to work alongside Sundt Construction and Cannon Builders, Inc. for their two infrastructure reconstruction projects in southeast Idaho.
DDSC team member headshot
Jim Zappavigna
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